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Because Mahindra has been so forthright, direct, and open in the past...

I've been sitting on this story and trying to verify everything I could since early October. I finally felt like I had gotten as far as I could get. If I didn't believe it was accurate I would not have published it. Standard Mahindra policy is to not comment on anything, so I thing I struck a chord for them to publish a press release in response to my blog (which they already don't like). I wish they weren't so dim and they would see that publicity like this is a good thing for them, and that there are a lot of people excited about their product. Mahindra is a company with terrible public relations but with a great product.

What it comes down to is that Mahindra wants to be in the US and they want to kill off GV. So they jerked GV around by not filling orders, and sent their worst performing truck for EPA evaluation. Two years later they now have the Genio platform with a far better (Americanized) design and a more slippery shape.

Anyway, I want to thank all of you who read MP and support this forum (Andy is the man!). If Mahindra won't thank you, then I will. You guys are the ones who keep the torch lit for Mahindra when everyone else has written them off. Thanks, and Happy Holidays.
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